Why not Zinc?


Why aluminium? Why stainless steel? Why plastic? Why sheet metal? Why lead? Why not zinc? This is the question that is driving us. We are dealing intensively with the material and think about the direction in which zinc shall be further developed. We examine the known methods of processing and search for new applications. Again and again we explore the limits of what is feasible in zinc die casting.

Why not zinc,


  • when complex forms and high strength are required?
  • when the design requires a certain quality?
  • when the material shall feel as cool as it looks?
  • when a part shall have especially thin walls and at the same time be light and extremely stable?
  • when something must not corrode in any case?
  • when the requirements on the surface finishing are especially high?
  • when subjects such as vibration, thermal conductivity or shielding of electromagnetic radiation play a role?


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